Working with DNA and other nucleic acids requires a special level of protection to prevent contamination and degradation of your sample. This includes the selection of gloves, which should be sterile and DNase and RNase-free.

SHIELDskin Orange Nitrile 300 Powder-free Sterile Gloves. Buy here.

Shield Scientific offers a certified DNase and RNase free glove with many features making it perfectly suited for DNA work. The SHIELDskin Orange Nitrile 300 Powder-free Sterile Glove provides protection against biological hazards (read more here) as a part of their traffic light classification system. As well as protecting the wearer, the glove will help maintain an RNase-free environment protecting your sample. It has the following features:

  • Nitrile material – nitrile is more robust than latex, meaning it is more abrasion resistant. Nitrile is also less allergenic to the wearer.
  • Individually wrapped & sterile – each glove is individually wrapped and sterile. This helps prevent contamination of other gloves in the pack when you reach for a pair
  • Longer length (300mm) – this longer length covers the wrists and allows you to tuck your glove into your lab coat sleeve. This can help to protect from shedding of your wrist skin.
  • Batch certificates

When conducting nucleic acid based work, it is important to adopt an aseptic technique whereby you avoid outside contact with your sample, which includes skin but also contaminants carried in the air and dust.

Please note: all information is provided as a general guide. You can check out our previous post on the SHIELDskin traffic light range here. If you have questions about the suitability of your gloves to your application, please get in contact with us.

Industrial and Scientific Supplies (part of the Camlab Group) are a registered safety supplier, and accredited by BSIF. You can be confident that you will only be supplied with genuine, appropriately approved products and you will receive sound advice without any attempt to mislead you. Our PPE range complies with regulation and carries CE-marking.

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