The luer taper is a standardised system of connections used across syringes to make a tight and leak free connection between two parts- namely the syringe and the needle.

This type of connection can be split into two types:

Luer lock

The Luer lock tip has a collar with internal thread for a needle to screw into making a tight and secure connection. This may also be known as the Luer Lok connection. The needle will be held in place which can be useful for when dispensing thicker liquids which may cause some pressure to build up.

305959 BD Plastipak Syringe 10ml – Luer Lok

Luer slip

The Luer slip tip has a small protruding smooth plastic plug on to which a needle will simply push onto and hold in place due to friction. Another name for this is the slip tip. This type of connection is good for general purpose dispensing and also if you need to change needles quickly.

300613 BD Plastipak Syringe 20ml – Eccentric Tip – Luer Slip

Syringe needles will generally have a Luer lock female part, but due to the design this means that they are suitable for use on both Luer lock and Luer slip syringes.

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