There are plenty of different types of safety shoes, each one with a range of features for a different type of usage. Below are some of the biggest considerations you need to make when buying new safety shoes for use in a kitchen, with examples to give you a starting point for your search!

There are numerous hazards in the kitchen and these should be taken into consideration when choosing footwear.

As with many other professions, chefs can be in danger of crushing damage from falling or dropped objects and so should consider getting shoes with a toe cap. All toe caps can protect against 200 J impact damage as standard. In order to protect against sharp objects such as knives and glass, shoes with heavy-duty soles and thick cut-resistant materials should be considered. Footwear made from durable materials can also prevent burns such as those from hot liquids or pans. Shoes with these features are the best way to protect yourself from injuries could easily harm the skin on the feet.

6654 Dr Martens Black Dealer Boots

The 6654 Black Dealer Boots by Dr Martens

Another important thing for a chef is to consider is traction. There is always a chance of slips trips and falls in the workplace but for chef dealing with spilt liquids on a hard floor, this chance can increase greatly.  Businesses can take steps such as implementing housekeeping measures and installing anti-slip floor tape to help prevent this but proper footwear with anti-slip soles can also provide significant slip reductions.

The 9710 Black Executive Casual Safety Shoe by Himalayan

The 9710 Black Executive Casual Safety Shoe by Himalayan

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