Did you know: PPE can make up to 20% of your solid waste!

There is more and more attention being gathered around the subjects of sustainability and waste reduction. This, combined with the introduction of many initiatives to reduce the use of single-use plastics, makes it hard not to consider your contribution to these efforts. At the front of your mind may be the volume of PPE waste generated in your lab and more specifically what happens to it once items are disposed of.

Recycling is a great way to reduce landfill waste.

Over 70% of companies want to implement a more sustainable solution to this problem, but less than 20% of companies do. We have teamed up with Kimberley Clark to allow you access to their RightCycle programme, which is an exciting initiative whereby waste PPE items are recycled and turned into a variety of eco-friendly products, rather than just ending up in a landfill site. This service is currently available for the Kimtech garments and nitrile gloves with applications looked at on a case by case basis for users dealing with non-hazardous materials.

The RightCycle programme run by Kimberly Clark is a innovative solution to reducing PPE landfill waste

Kimberly Clark has also introduced a number of other initiatives during the full product lifecycle to increase the sustainability up to the final point of disposal.

Glove design Kimberly-Clark have used Sterling Glove technology to create a glove with equivalent chemical resistance but is thinner, and utilizes only 50% of the material. This reduces the amount of raw materials being used and means more product can fit in the same space. We stock the Sterling gloves and our available range can be found here.

Reduction of landfill waste during manufacturing Kimberly-Clark manufacturing facilities are 98% landfill free. They aim to be 100% landfill free by 2022.

Reduction of transportation emissions They have improved pallet fit to allow more product to be shipped at once and having the Sterling glove design allows more product to be packed in the same volume.

Recycled shipping packaging is one way we reduce our environmental impact

Here at the Camlab Group, we are also committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. We are a registered ISO 14001 company for our environmental management system. A copy of our environmental policy is available here.

Some initiatives we have to limit our impacts are reusing packaging whenever possible and the adoption of a mostly paperless order processing system.

If you want to find out more about getting involved in the RightCycle programme or our commitment to sustainability, please use the contact form below or contact us by email: support@camlab.co.uk.

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