There are plenty of different types of safety shoes, each one with different features for a different type of usage. Below are some of the biggest considerations you need to make when buying new safety shoes, with examples to help your search!

Foot injuries are nothing to scoff at and one of the biggest causes of foot injuries in the workplace is from something landing on them. All safety shoes in the EU will help protect you against impact damage using a reinforced toe cap as, by definition, they must be able to withstand a minimum of 200 joules in a drop test. This is useful in any workplace, but can be especially useful when working in a laboratory, always on your feet and surrounded by large and heavy pieces of equipment. Consider the risks you’ll be involved with while you shop and if you think the risks are high enough you may want to get a shoe with a steel toe cap.

An example of this would be the 3420 Safety Trainers by Himalayan which comes with a steel toecap, heat and chemical resistance

Himalayan 3420 Safety Trainers
The 3420 Safety Trainers by Himalayan

The other big advantage of safety shoes in a laboratory is that many of them come inbuilt with chemical or acid resistance. This means that when you inevitably spill acid on your shoes, it doesn’t write-off your favourite trainers or expose your toes to dangerous chemicals, but instead allows you to wash or wipe it off without incident! In addition, many shoe soles come chemical and slip resistances meaning that stepping through any spills isn’t catastrophic.

An example of this would be the 2028 Black Safety Boots by Dr Marten which comes with a anti slip sole, which also has oil, acid, chemical and solvent resistantance.

2028 Dr Martens Black Safety Boots

The 2028 Black Safety Boots by Dr Marten

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